the sun and her flowers (Poetry Book)


On October 3rd, 2017 Rupi Kaur’s second poetry book was finally released!

After reading her first poetry book ‘Milk & Honey’ I instantly fell in love with the way she expresses poetry. She has her own unique style in her poetry that conveys some personal messages, stories and experiences that can be very relatable to many. I also love the nice hand-drawn illustrations she includes in some of the pages. Ever since I found out about her,  I have been following Rupi on Instagram along with the other 1.6 million people. She had been promoting ‘the sun and her flowers’ for a while, so from then I was determined to get my hands on her new book.

Her publisher describes the book as  “a collection of non-traditional and deeply personal poems and original illustrations, focusing on growth, love and healing, ancestry and honoring one’s roots, expatriation and rising up to find a home within yourself.”



The sun and her flowers is divided into five chapters of poems which can be read chronologically or alone by chapter, very similar to ‘Milk & Honey’. She has since been on a tour along with a visual performance of her new book all over the world. Buying tickets for her book events get sold out fast so if you even think about attending I suggest you buy your ticket ASAP.


Rupi also told Teen Vogue Magazine that “I was going through a difficult breakup at the time, and I was thinking about the way sunflowers rotate with the sun. When the sun rises, they also rise, but when the sun leaves, they bow their heads. I thought that sort of worship at the time was just so stunning and so beautiful and so then I thought, “We are all our own suns and flowers are the experiences and the people we go through in our entire lifetime, so the sun and her flowers.”

If you have not yet gotten your copy, I strongly suggest you do! I will include her website below in case you’re interested in purchasing your very own copy.

Rupi Kaur







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