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Road Trip to Oaxaca City!



Road Trip


It all started with yet another trip to Mexico! This time I would land in a hidden port called Puerto Escondido in the state of Oaxaca. And if you have been following me on my journey then you’d know I went on a crazy Road Trip from the Coast to the Main city.


I was inspired to write this blog post because I recently finished watching a show on Netflix called Unstoppable or Desenfrenadas. The show is a Mexican drama that chronicles the life of three women who impulsively go on a road trip to do some soul searching but then are forced to take a detour by a stranger. These ladies pretty much go on the exact same road trip I took but inland to the coast. As the ladies go on a trip they are faced with many challenges and are forced to push through them. And eventually they find a sense of freedom within themselves.


I mean, traveling in general helps you escape from your reality and forces you to broaden your horizon. Traveling makes life more exciting, fun and has a huge impact on your mental well-being. I found this show relatable in the sense that traveling helps you learn about yourself. For instance, being faced with an unfamiliar challenge makes you think differently and forces you to develop a new set of skills that you didn’t even know you had. My road trip was a big accomplishment for me that by the end I had a piece of mind.I felt like I could do anything!


Oaxaca City!


Prior to our trip, we heard all about the legends like the town with magic mushrooms, the killer waves, the coffee farms, the nude beaches, the lovely sunsets and the ridiculously long road trip to the main city of Oaxaca. We had so many things we wanted to explore in such a short amount of time! Could we? Should we go on a Road Trip? Then I thought to myself  were we really going to drive 6 to 8 hours on a dangerous road, speed bumps and pass by unfailiar places? Well, yeah!

My boyfriend and I were not planing much & were simply just doing. So why not? The next day, we rented a car and drove off highway 200 and up Highway 175 to Oaxaca City. And now when I tell others, they gasp & tell me how dauntless I am for driving through the Mexican mountains. When in reality, the road trip didn’t raise red flags like some might avoid. You just have to have common sense (TBH) like avoid driving when it gets dark, hitting those curves too hard or starting with half a tank of gas.


On the other hand, I didn’t realize how alarming the drive could actually get until I saw two car accidents. The first one had one car completely flipped over! *And let me remind you that this happened close to the edge of the cliff, high up into the mountains* The other car accident simply felt like a normal thing since we were driving for so long through the curvy roads…After all the commotion, we explored all the places we had heard of and wanted to see! Although we missed many needed bathroom breaks, we finally arrived in the city! We spent the weekend exploring the night life & all the unique festivities happening at that time.


This road trip ends with us back by the coast and terribly exhausted from driving back & forth. Again, we didn’t think it through but I think thats what made it all so exciting! There were no “next steps” or no “hourly itinerary” only the excitement of getting to our destination. And that’s the beauty of a Road Trip, especially one that is spontaneous!


I hope when this Quarantine is done that you take a trip somewhere to get out of the house and find yourself again. I know these times are tough for a lot of people but you cant let these hard times get to you. The only way to do that is to think positively and look forward to something that will only bring joy. Just do it for yourself.

Geometric patterns found in the “Place of Death”




 Our trip to Mitla was simply a 30 minute stop on our way to “Hierve El Agua” from Oaxaca City. The whole trip was about two hours Southeast, upp the high valleys. We decided the best way to explore on our own schedule was to rent a car. Which is recommended if you’re driving throughout Oaxaca. And for this reason, we took a lonnng road trip but that’s another story. Most importantly, the archaeological zone of Mitla & the Pueblo Magicó that surrounds it {San Pablo Villa De Mitla} was an interesting find. The small town traces back to 700 A.D -before the Spaniards invaded.

What’s a Pueblo Magico ?

It translates to “Magical Village” and they are villages that offer a one of a kind experience in Mexico. Each one shines through its symbolism, legends, history, important events, festivals, traditions and more! It provides every explorer with a guide to all the best places to visit in Mexico!

Mitla meaning “Place of Death” is the second best known archaeological zone in the whole state of Oaxaca! It is believed that Mitla was a sacred burial site within the Zapotec‘s which is a group of indigenous people in Mexico.


According to legend, “It was a religious centre, run almost entirely by priests who spent most of their time undertaking human sacrifices, often by extracting live hearts from the victims being sacrificed, and depositing them in a pit of fire as an offering to the gods.” 


The archaeological zone is known for its main group 

The Group Of Columns


Each group possesses large rectangular patios connected to long, narrow rooms. However, in order to enter each room you have to walk through a small passage way. And you wouldn’t believe that all the patios, halls & chambers (above & below ground) were decorated with impressive mosaic designs.


Surprisingly, after seeing my share of ruins throughout Mexico this has to be the most intricate & amazing site ever! Nonetheless, the two underground tombs that were evacuated & restored in the 80s felt creepy and the atmosphere was mysteriously humid.



Although the town is known for its handcrafted textiles and Mezcal, its beauty lies within the walls of its ruins. It’s so incredible how almost every wall on the site is decorated with geometric designs {that you can’t find anywhere else in Mexico! } The archaeological zone in Mitla is soo majestic you must see it for yourself! 


 Mitla Archeological Zone is open Everyday!

Monday – Saturday 8am-5pm // Sunday -Free

75 Pesos to Enter (About 4 USD)

Parking is Free

Meet Tepoztlán! A Two Day Trip

The view from all aspects of the path were incredible and absolutely worth the 2 hour hike!

The path was filled with vibrant murals, waterfalls, vegetation and wildlife.

Day Of The Dead Celebration

Airbnb in Tepoztlán

Lost In Baja California, Mexico

Obviously, Mexico is always my first choice when traveling because of all the great cultural art embedded in everything & the new feeling of discovering their unique places. Another spontaneous trip to Mexico was exactly what I needed. And only four perfect days in Ensenada Mexico helped me learn more about myself & the impact my little getaway had on my well-being.

July 31st

Just four hours South from Los Angeles lies the port city of Ensenada in Baja California, Mexico. This beautiful city is filled with marvelous rocky beaches, mountain ranges & is super accessible due to Mexicos toll roads. You may know Ensenada for it’s famous Papas & beer nightclub or La Bufadora (Blowhole) but the city has more to offer! Ensenada is also home of the ‘fish taco’ & wine country in Mexico! Here are a couple things I did on my Birthday getaway !

We found a perfect little airstream right by the beach to relax & celebrate my 22nd birthday.

Spending time in the airstream was definitely an experience that brought me a lot of joy and tranquility. Sleeping to the sound of the ocean was one of my favorite things about this getaway ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

I also loved waking up to Mexicos beautiful sunrise, with golden rays peeking through the windows, gently waking me up. But I mostly enjoyed cozying up together when the ocean breeze began to linger inside. It felt like a mini camping trip by the beach.

The days spent in the airstream were quite cleansing & healing for me. It’s so clear that spending time outdoors is something our bodies + mind need to stay sane. I think that starting my day by getting outside is really an act of self love and gratitude & when you recognize those things about yourself, I feel like its easier to see your life in a new light.My little getaway in Ensenada has helped me realize how much I love spending time outdoors. These momments of clarity helped me realize how much I enjoy sharing my experiences on my blog.

Ruta De Vino

After two days in nature with our airstream, we decided to go towards the mountains & visit Valle De Guadelupe. It is a very popular wine & cuisine destination for tourist & locals, so why not check it out!

While we visited a winery, our host told us that this area in Ensenada produces over 70% of Mexicos wine! The Ruta de Vino (Wine Route) has over 100 beautiful wineries so you could only imagine how hard it was to pick one. Personally I’m not a wine person but I do love art so I decided to visit Casa Frida in Baja California! (One of the only wineries that is also an art gallery of Frida Khalo) We paid 350 pesos for four wine tasting glasses which converts to a little over 18$ USD per person.

You walk into a beautiful wooden looking barn to find it filled with gigantic canvases of art! The life sized art was super inspiring along with the little details in decor from flower hanging lamps, colorful furniture, and hand painted traditional Mexican hats. This art gallery was very chic and offered lots of space to sit and enjoy the mountain views.

Not all art displayed

I fell in love with the ambiance but not the wine haha. I simply cant seem to like wine, not even at the age of 22. But its okay, all I wanted was the experience. The experience to hold a light wine glass between my fingers while I gently stir it.

La Bufadora

La Bufadora, also known as a blowhole is a marine geyser that shoots sea water into the air. The blowhole shoots water upward as a result of the water being trapped in a cave.

This attraction is so popular in Ensenada that people come from everywhere to see the magic of the blowhole. Although it is an hour South from the port of Ensenada, it is still considered part of the city.

In order to see the blowhole you must first park. The parking fee usually depends on how much they charge but we paid 50 pesos which is a little under 3$ USD for an hour. Afterward you walk down the street with all the vendors and that will lead you to La Bufadora. Unfortunately we didn’t see it spout too much water but the thunder like sounds were pretty powerful & awesome!

The Punta Banda in Baja California, Mexico is a very beautiful rocky landscape. Even the drive down South to La Bufadora along the coast was incredible! As always , I suggest exploring the fascinating beauty within all of Mexico! Once you see it for yourslef it will surprise you with it’s culture and unique places 🙂


Only four perfect days in Ensenada Mexico helped me appreciate my body + soul. I began to realize how extremely grateful I am to be able to love, dance & smell the earthy gust of wind. I can’t stress the impact this little getaway by the rocky shore in Ensenada had on my well-being. Whenever you decide to take some time for yourself always remember to stop and smell the roses!

Tijuana, Mexico -Underground Scene


exico, in general, has always been put under the bad light for as long as I can remember, and I’m sure a lot of our parents can say the same. The U.S. government is brainwashing those who don’t know about Mexico’s beautiful culture, people and cities. Discrimination towards the Mexican country & people isn’t anything new, so I write this post to encourage others to simply see its unique places for themselves.


Although the border city Tijuana has had one of the worst reputations due to its past affiliations, I believe it is the young & creative youth that can change everything. While spending time in the Playas de Tijuana you can’t help but come across the border wall that reaches into the Pacific Ocean. (You can see all the love & innocence written & painted all over the U.S./ Mexican border)

It is so inspiring to see artwork that is fully and utterly intended to bring peace & unity. All the art painted and written on the Tijuana border fence is filled with only positive words and happy pictures. *There is even a section where the wall is painted blue to create an illusion that no wall exists at all. I think this part of Tijuana is special because it opens up a whole different perspective in the world around us.

After exploring Tijuana for a couple months, I can really see how the people (especially the youth) are changing the future of their city. Here are some places that are changing the look and vibe of Tijuana, Mexico:


Mamut is one of the many breweries in Tijuana that are changing the beer scene. This unique brewery gets pretty lively & fun on the weekends with live music and an outside balcony with a view of the city. Almost hidden on Avenida Revolucion, Mamut turns into a surprisingly huge loft (once you climb the mysterious staircase). Mamut has a very traditional feel with great beer and wood-fired pizza! (Try the house fries, they are delicious!)

Google Image
Google Image

Telefónica Gastro Park

Filled with a large variety of food trucks, Gastro Park includes an onsite brewery, coffee shop, and wine bar. This indoor and outdoor space has so much to offer from vegan tacos to sushi and micheladas! All the food is high end and great quality like it should be — plus the Mexican ambiance is worth appreciating.

Pasaje Revolución

Right on the heart of Tijuana’s main street (Avenida Revolucion) you can find hidden alleyways filled with mini roasteries, coffee shops, art galleries, art murals, local product shops, bookstores, vintage shops, breweries and a lot more ! With Tijuana’s new millenial generations coming up, these spots are expanding but the only problem is you gotta know where to find them. Also, people have to be willing to explore these Pasajes(pasageways) in order for them to thrive. *Similar – Pasaje Rodriguez, Collectivo 9, & Plaza Fiesta

Centro Cultural

Just five minutes away from the border is the Tijuana Cultural Center(CECUT). Known as one of the most important centers for culture in Mexico, it offers plenty of indoor and outdoor exhibits like a botanical garden and an aquarium. Opened in 1982, it became the home of Tijuanas biggest Imax cinema. A lot of the locals refer to it as La Bola meaning “the ball” because of how it looks from the outside. La Bola shows numerous movies and incredible documentaries! My favorite part about visiting was watching a beautiful documentary about Cuba, its people and their coral crisis. I’ll insert a video if you are interested.

google image
google image

Tijuana has been remaking itself into a more modern and hip destination for tourists and even locals! The city has recently been thriving in food and culture that is trendy, yet experimentive enough for Americans to distinguish. Honestly, I don’t see how anyone can neglect this city; it has so much potential. Lately, it’s been my little getaway, only a couple hours away and I can do so much with so little $$! Plus the weather is just like San Diego’s, almost always sunny! I Hope this encourages everyone to have an open mind about Tijuana & take a look for yourself.

4/20 Experience At Golden Gate Park

Hippie Hill Entrance on 4/20

Everyone knows that Hippie Hill in San Francisco is one of the best places to celebrate 4/20, right? (Which is a national holiday for weed smokers) Well, for the past two years it has been my excuse to visit San Francisco in the early spring, when it’s the most beautiful.

My first year at Hippie Hill was the ultimate experience because it was the very beginning to the massive festival we all know now. The free event hosted a live dj with food trucks, Porta Potties and a grand entrance with security which wasn’t too overwhelming at first. But since the legalization of Marijuana, weed smokers stormed hippie hill in 2019 officially making it overrrr rated. I was eventually over the whole 4/20 event at Hippie Hill so I decided to spend the rest of the day exploring the gigantic Golden Gate Park. (Which is probably a better way to spend your next 4/20 in San Francisco.)

Golden Gate Park

The Golden Gate Park in San Francisco is over a thousand acres in total !( It’s so huge that it could take a couple of days to explore and see completely) Spending a day in the Golden Gate Park is easy because it’s free to roam around by foot, bicycles and scooters; You could get lost in all the lakes, hills, meadows and gardens. I absolutley love finding huge parks like this right next to the city because it reminds us to connect with the natural world.

While strolling part of the thousand acre park we stumbled across many Museums, a Japanese Tea Garden, the Conservatory of Flowers and more. Despite the many activities to do in the Golden Gate Park, I’ve always wanted to experience the Japanese Tea Garden for myself, so why not tour the garden on a beautiful sunny spring day in San Francisco!

Japanese Tea Garden

Entrance fee $$
Stone Lantern and Koi Fish Pond
Stone Lantern and Waterfall

The Garden filled me with tranquility. I enjoyed the whole Japanese familiarity and the heavenly impression it left on me. All the structures were big, bright, and bold! There is wayyy more to see and to do at this garden that I didn’t capture like sipping hot tea or walking through the Zen garden.

Bronze Buddah
About the Bronze Buddah

If you ever get the chance to experience one of the oldest public gardens in the United States, make sure you read and learn of its history. Behind this beautiful curated garden is a sad story of its Japanese landscape architect and caretaker, Makoto Hagiwara.

Drum Bridge

Visiting the Japanese-style Tea Garden was one of my favorite things about my trip to San Francisco.

Day Trip in Valladolid, Mexico

Hey friends, tis I. While waiting in the ADO Bus station in Tulum, my boyfriend & I were encouraged to take a spontaneous day trip somewhere. We figured we could visit the city of Valladolid since it was just a couple hours away & one of a few choices. & I’m glad we did because I fell IN LOVE! This town is the perfect place to spend a day or two because it is surprisingly untouched by vast tourists. Valladolid is also part of the magical towns (Pueblo Magicos) known all over Mexico. The government calls these small towns “magical” because of all the things that make it particularly unique. This distinct pueblo is filled with historic museums & churches, colorful streets, legends & lots of great traditional cuisines.

These Pueblo Magicos are encouraged by the people of Mexico because each pueblo has a special experience to offer. Pueblo Magicos are basically hidden gems that the average tourist wouldn’t pick. This just shows how Mexico has more to offer than beautiful beaches & sun.

Words of Advice

Honestly the best advice I can give to anyone visiting Valladolid is to explore downtown on foot! You’ll find so many amazing things by doing that but most importantly you will discover places you would have never found before. For example hidden gardens, chic clothing stores, hotels, and great local food. Exploring downtown on foot can give you a more authentic approach to the town and the unique people who live there.

Casually walking down the colorful streets

Its also very beautiful because every house is painted in vibrant colors! Just the cobblestone roads, craftsmanship & charming 16-century architecture is worth the visit. Valladolid also has cenotes, Mayan Ruins and some of the best beaches all around it.

Random door
I was amazed at how big the tree was
We ate some traditional cuisines in the restuarant under the arches.

Iglesia De San Servacio

This beautiful church is the (Iglesia De San Servacio) located in the downtown area of Valladolid. I always find it so incredible to see very old structures like these because they give places more character & a glimpse of its history. This noticeable church is popular in Valladolid & hard to miss like many other buildings in the area, so just go and explore for a day!

Chic hotel I found after admiring the old doors & window designs

Plus if the sunshine is hitting just right, it can be the perfect place to buy some ice cream and wander. With its calming atmosphere and centered parks, Valladolid can be a good place for a day trip. I hope you consider Valladolid when you decide to visit the Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico!

Biking Around Tulum, Quintana Roo (Things to do)

Tulum is a small town in Quintano Roo which makes it very easy to get around. One of the best way to get places in Tulum is on a bike. Yes, you’ll probably sweat a ton & yes you’ll probably get sunburnt, but its easier to explore and wonder off on your own with a bike (& a whole lot cheaper). Also, once youre off the downtown streets of Tulum there is a paved path specifically for bikes that leads you straight to the beach!*Totally safe

Lots of Airbnbs in Tulum offer free bikes with your stay & others at an extra charge *Easiest way to get a free bike. Plenty of other bike rentals are available on the main road of Tulum, literally next to the ADO bus station *I would just suggest asking around & finding the cheapest price.

Here are some places you can visit in Tulum that are very accessible on a bike.


Tulum is known for having areas with natural sinkholes that are made up of crystal clear waters. These sinkholes are called Cenotes. Swimming in a cenote is a must if you’re visiting any part of the Yucatan Peninsula! We visited Cenote Calavera, they charged a small fee (100 pesos) because its located in the backyard of a locals home(where most cenotes are located). Swimming in a cenote is exciting, a tad bit scary but worth the experience. When it comes to Cenotes in Tulum there are plenty to choose from.

Batey Bar

I wanted to include this bar because its one of my ultimate favorites in Tulum. They have live music, food, drinks +plus they make their own sugar cane juice! This Mojito & Guarapo Bar is located in downtown Tulum & is still very affordable(surprisingly). Batey gets very very packed during the weekends so get there early to find good seats. *bike stations available

Tulums Beach

The beach of Tulum is simply beautiful! I love the clear warm water & the bright sun. Tulums beach has its very own “gym” its pretty much just some equipment and bars to workout with but it comes in handy. I would also consider it a nude beach because almost every girl is topless. Plus if you walk along the shore you’ll run into lots of beach bars, resturants, clubs & people meditating. Its such a chill place to be, check out Tulums beach.


Tulum is filled with lots of art! You’ll find murals in every corner, no kidding. Try biking to different murals & find as many as you can. Go!

Tulum Ruins

This site of Tulum was a Mayan walled city directly next to the beach. Although you cant touch or climb any of the temples, its still a very popular destination in Tulum because of the wildlife, architecture and its private beach. Its truly astounding & more enjoyable with a bike +the entrance fee is only 63 pesos.


I hope this inspires you to bike the tropical paradise of Tulum whenever you visit. There is so much to do & see!

Must See Destinations in Mexico City

Mexico City has become one of my favorite places to visit thus far because of its unique culture, people & attractions. I’ve been in Mexico for almost two months now exploring the beautiful country and everything it has to offer. After experiencing all the touristy sites that Mexico is known for, I thought I’d share the most important/cool ones with you.


One of the best places to party, relax or simply spend the day with friends and family has to be Xochimilco! Riding on a brightly colored boat, traditionally known as Trajineras is an experience. You can pretty much rent a trajinera for up to 20 people or less to stroll along the huge water canals. People will try to sell you food & drinks on their mini boats too which is very convient. It was beautiful, peaceful & lots of fun!

*Recommended: If you visit Xochimilco, Enter through the main area of Xochimilco(Nativitas) because there are also private owned areas that connect to the main canal but those people usually try to charge more. Search & ask around for the lowest price you can get.

Torre Latino Americana

Torre Latinoamericana is a 597ft skycraper located in the downtown center of Mexico City. You cant miss it, its one of the most important landmarks in the big city! Although you do have to pay a small fee of 120$ pesos which is about $6USD, I absolutley recommend it. Not only is there an unbelieveable view but also a restuaurant, separate bar & snacks available on the top floor.

*Recommended: Try to go at night when its not so busy or during the week. If not, I’d watch out for the long line that stretches outside of the building.

Palacio de Bellas Artes

The Palace of Fine Arts is just breathtaking! I love everything about the palace! It is definitely a must see destination in Mexico City for its noteable events in every art department & important exhibitions (located in the center of Mexico City)

Recommended: If you want a better view of the palace & maybe a cup of coffee check out Don Porfirio Caffe! They have free wifi, an incredible view & great coffee! *Enter through the huge Sears right across the street from the palace & take the elevator to the top top floor.


Teotihuacan was once Mexicos biggest acient city. Just a little off the grid, Teotihuacan is home of two main pyramids, the Pyramid of the Sun & Pyramid of the Moon along with many other structures that have somewhat fallen. The pyramids & structors are unbelieveable! Its rumored that extraterrestrial creatures helped the aztecs build these huge pyramids in the 1st century AD.

Recommended: Every Sunday admission into Teotihuacan is free! Although it is free to enter, it’s filled with lots & lots of people & the line to go up the pyramids is as long as a line at Disneyland. There is also no shade what so ever so make sure to take plenty of water & a hat.

Museo de Antropologia

The Museum of Anthropology is one of the most popular/largest museums in Mexico City. The museum has 23 rooms of exhibits holding prescious and extremely significant artifacts of alomst everything.

Recommended: This museum is also free on Sundays and not extremely packed like others in Mexico so its definitely a place to check off the list.

Museo De Frida Khalo

The blue house (Casa Azul) is one the most popular destinations in Coyoacan Mexico. Its the house that Frida Khalo lived in most of her life with her family and her husband Diego Rivera. Known as one of the best female artists in Latin America, Frida Khalos home allows you to see a very personal part of her life.

Recommended: Before going to Coyoacan to visit the Casa Azul, you better buy your tickets online. No joke, the line to get in is extremely long +plus your’e not even garanteed a ticket. Be smart & buy your tickets online so you only wait 10 minutes max & have the rest of your day to explore the town. It only takes about 15 minutes to see the house so dont wait in line, just dont.

Castillo de Chapultepec/ park

I’ve already written a blog post about the Castillo (Castle) de Chapultepec so check it out! But the Chapultepec park is also worth exploring. The park is gigantic! You can find a Zoo(also free on Sundays), a Castle, lots of museums, lakes & large fountains. This urban park is bigger than Central park in New York & Imperial Garden in Tokyo.

Recommended: It is impossible to explore this park in one or two days, its just that big! I suggest taking the time to visit this park as much as you can. Its so beautiful, chill, very peaceful & it has free wifi. You dont want to miss this section of Mexico City.

Zocalo, Metropolotan Cathedral, Templo Mayor

These three places are located in the Plaza de la Constitución, downtown area of Mexico City. The Zocalo is the main square of the downtown plaza where the Aztecs performed ceremonies. I’m not religious but the Metropolotan Cathedral looks very beautiful from the inside & out. & the Templo Mayor is an outside museum of ruins (main temple of Mexica peoples). You just have to check these out.

Recommended: The downtown area known as the Plaza de la Constitución is always extremely packed! Its so packed that it looks like China with all the people. I would just suggest to keep your walet & purse close to you as possible because you never know what may happen.

Michoacáns Monarch Butterfly Reserve (what you need to know)

I’ve always known that Michoacán, México was home of the Monarch butterflies but I didn’t know exactly why, until I visited El Rosario butterfly biosphere reserve. The reserve is also a World Heritage Center located in the high mountains of Michoacán. It’s such an unbelievable sight of nature that is worth seeing in your lifetime!

*Recommend: I would suggest planning your trip to the Monarch Reserve between January -March due to the fact that the butterflies come from Canada at a certain time of the year.

Getting to the Reserve

We booked our tickets with Michoacán Magico tours(mmtours) & with them it included the 3 & 1/2 hour car ride to the Reserve from Morelia. The tour buses were arranged to leave at 9 in the morning so we left 8am sharp to the main temple of Morelia -where we would meet up with our driver.

•The tickets were 750$ pesos per person which is about 40$ USD. I know it’s a little pricey but I’m sure you can find cheaper tours if you do more research/book in advance or if you rent a car and drive yourself.

•9:30am & we were off to the Monarch butterfly reserve.

•Our bus driver was very accommodating to our every need & also gave us a bit of history about the different parts of Michoacán during the drive. We would stop for snacks, restroom breaks & to buy some famous bread from a nearby town.

Overall the journey was long but definitely worth the drive to experience a breathtaking view!


The entrance fee to the Monarch Reserve was 50$ pesos which is about $2 USD.

In order to enter the reserve you have to be accompanied by a knowledgeable guide. The guide will stay with you at all times to ensure the site is protected, & guide you up the high elevation of the mountain.

I heard a lot of people get altitude sickness so it’s incredibly recommended to walk slowly or take a horse up the mountain(extra charge) but I think Its honestly nothing to worry about. Just carry plenty of water & take breaks if you need too.

* Recommended -After hanging out with the butterflies, you can grab food to eat outside of the sanctuary.

I love butterflies
Monarch Butterfly
Female Monarch Butterflies
Dead Monarch butterflies
Made a little friend ♥️

The millions of Monarch butterflies go through an 8 month migration to Canada & back! According to the reserve, four successive generations of Monarchs are born and die during their migration.

Walking up the Mountain

The Monarchs travel south to Mexico’s luxurious forest for fresh water & who knows why else, I think that still remains a mystery.

Witnessing this unique phenomenon is an exceptional experience of nature. -unesco

The pine trees of Michoacáns forest became unrecognizable & appeared orange and clumpy because of the Monarch butterflies!

Clumpy forest trees
Monarch clumps hanging in the branches

Our guide said that if we listened closely the flapping of all the Monarch wings would sound like rain in the forest.

Write this on your 2019 bucket list for sure!

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