“Change A Soul”

On August 7th, 2017, something very special happened to me and it changed my whole perspective of people & life.

While I was visiting the great La Jolla Shores in California, I decided to take a walk with my boyfriend. While we were walking, we saw a bench in a shady area in front of a seniors home that was decorated with beautiful roses and palm trees which made it feel very cool on that hot Summers day. After sitting there enjoying the shade a car pulls up and out comes a lady, maybe in her late twenties with two or three boutiques of flowers. I suppose the lady was sending flowers to the senior home but before she started walking up the pathway to the doorIMG_5692

she pulled out a flower, walked toward me. Smiled. Handed me the flower. & said “Have a nice day.” 

I was so shocked and so happy at the same time! I was just smiling at her for the longest and said Thank you in the most excited way! This lady not only did the kindest thing possible, but absolutely topped my day with it. Her act of kindness was so simple yet so huge because no one in my years of life has done anything this remarkable & I really do appreciate her for this. She helped me change the way I see people and life because not only are there great humans like her but people just like her who make this planet we live in a better place.

After receiving the flower I passed it down to a young girl, maybe in her teens, handed her the flower and told her to have a great day. Who knows if she kept it or passed it down but spreading kindness is a must in our society and it also felt good! People need to know that being kind comes from within and isn’t something that should feel fake or forced upon. I really hope I made her day because I know it made mine. (: Always Spread Kindness ✌✌✌❤ #Spreadkindness


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