Meet Tepoztlán! A Two Day Trip

Discover a magical faraway place filled with unique stories and a small mystical pyramid that’s sits high above the rainforest of Morelos, Mexico.

Must See Destinations in Mexico City

I've been in Mexico for almost two months now exploring the beautiful country and everything it has to offer. After expierencing all the touristy sites that Mexico is known for, I thought I'd share the most important/cool ones with you.

Day of the Dead in Coyoacan Mexico!!

Mexico Travel Diary III.  On November 2nd, I visited Coyoacan in Mexico City. Coyoacan is translated to be the  "place where Coyotes abound." THERE is where I found SO many restaurants, theaters, markets, churches, museums and a great deal of local vendors selling everything from sugarskulls to freshh flowers!! The town held a huge event … Continue reading Day of the Dead in Coyoacan Mexico!!

231 Year Old Castle In Mexico City

Did you know that Mexico City has a gigantic castle sitting in the middle of its largest park?