4/20 Experience At Golden Gate Park

Everyone knows that Hippie Hill in San Francisco is one of the best places to celebrate 4/20, right? Well, for the past two years its been my excuse to visit San Francisco in early spring, when it's most beautiful. But since the legalization of Marijuana, weed smokers stormed hippie hill in 2019 officially making it overrrr rated.

Flower Fields Scenery

Hey Friends, I just visited The Flower Fields in Carlsbad, California! I have been wanting to visit the colorful fields for quite a while & finally decided to do so. You have to check it out, its beautiful!

Ritual Coffee in San Francisco

Do you love Coffee? So do I! Check out my favorite coffee shop in San Francisco!

“Have A Great Life” -Museum Of Death

On Wednesday, January seventeenth I had the opportunity to visit the Museum Of Death in Los Angeles, California. I had no idea what that museum had in store...