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What happy Christmas memories will you always remember?

A:A happy christmas memory I will always remember is when everyone in my family all slept over my grandpas house. This included my aunts, uncles, cousins just everyone and we all had to find somewhere to sleep in that house. At some point all the cousins and kids had to stay in the room for the rest of the night because thats when Santa came a.k.a my dad. We weren’t allowed to come out until the morning time. I really loved that time because everyone was together at the same place and time. We don’t really do that anymore so having that memory is amazing!! 

How do you manage stress during this holiday season?

A:I don’t really get stress like that, especially during this time. People think about that too much. I don’t think about feeling that way. When I’m stressed I think I focus more and I don’t let it take control of me.


What is one thing that reminds you of home?

A:Food. Some really good food can remind me of home because my family makes the best food!

What are you most thankful for?

A: I am most thankful for my family. They are always there & they are just awesome. We are all so close and we all love each other very much.


How do you want to be remembered?

A:I want to be remembered being a happy person & always grinding, moving forward, and achieving my dreams.

Are you where you thought you’d be at your age now?

A:No. When I was 18,  I thought that I would be further along in school and wish that I had  focused more and done better. I thought i’d have my associate/certificate and with that I would be able to work in the field already but since I didn’t do so well; Im having to retake things and it’s a step back from what Im trying to do now.

What simple changes have made you’re life better?

A:Maybe as of right now I feel like not working makes my life better. It makes me focus more in school and on the things I really want to do. It makes me actually want to wake up everyday because I know I’m free to do what I love and enjoy. 

What’s your personal mantra you like to live by?

A:Just do what you want to do.IMG_7803_Facetune_12-12-2017-20-01-38

I try not to worry about what other people say. For example I have a Youtube channel and I know people might think that it’s stupid but I honestly don’t care because its what I want to do.

What are some skincare products that you simply cannot part ways with?

 A: I love the Mario Badescu Facial Spray because it has aloe, cucumber and green tea.


 Belif  Believe in truth – aqua bomb 

Take a deep breathe -oil free oxygenating gel cream 

Tatcha- Pore perfecting water gel 

What can we expect from you in the future? Any projects in the works that you can share with us?A:Well school wise I plan on getting my bachelors and by the end of next year I’ll have my certificates and my associates. My next big projects are mainly working on school and achieving those goals. Definitely in the future I plan on focusing on Youtube at the same time and work work work work work. Gotta have money to do things! Hopefully youtube pops off sooner because thats something I obviously want to do in the future. 


Where does your happiness come from?

A:Myself.  I can control my own feelings. I will not let other people control my happiness.

What is one thing you would risk your life for?

A:My siblings. I’m the oldest and I wouldn’t want anything happen to them. I would rather it happen to me. If that means risking my life for them I would do it. I wouldn’t be able to live with myself knowing I could have done something to prevent it.

What are some habits of yours ?

A:Some habits I’ve been staying consistent on is my youtube channel because it involves doing something I love which is make up. It’s a way I can express myself instead of feeling annoying or embarrassed. For example, if I post on Instagram people are really judgmental because they don’t know what you are trying to do. People on youtube understand. Also staying motivated and trying to surround myself with motivated people. If you don’t surround yourself with people like that you will become unmotivated.


What is one thing you will change about our society.

A:Maybe the way people think. Sometimes people don’t understand others point of view. Like racist people don’t want to understand someone and take into consideration what others have to say. Some people don’t care and don’t like certain races because what they were taught. I really wish people would understand others and be kind.

What is the meaning of life to you?

A:Living. Trying to stay afloat. I would just say live your fullest life and live it the way you want to.

 Tell me a random story you remember.

A:When I was in middle school so like in 7th or 8th  grade I had a best friend that I spent a lot of time with, so I was always at her house. She was “fast” aka basically acting more grown then what she really was. And one day I was at her house and she was talking to this boy across the street who lived nearby so they would text sometimes back and fourth. This guy was the same age so probably like 12 or 13 years old. He would text her talking about basically wanting to have sex and one night I was at her house and she was texting him. He ended up coming over when her parents were asleep. I basically played lookout & they went into her room and I went to the room next door and put my ass to sleep. I would just try and hear if anybody was coming to text her and let her know. But nobody came and her ass was luckyyy. After she was done she came and got me after he left. & I was like hell no I’m not sleeping on your bed.


What are you looking forward as the year comes to a close?

A:I haven’t thought about this….. Well just hoping for a better year in terms of actually working somewhere I enjoy and doing more things that I like to do. I don’t want to settle for less. 

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Anything is Possible. *Inspirational

For the past couple of days I have been immersed with the people I converse & surround myself with on social media and have come to realize the negative impact of our culture. “We are generally bombarded with pictures of violence, manipulation, greed, and terrorism.” 


  • Yes we are taught to be careful and prepare ourselves for the worst.

  • Yes we are taught to lock up our doors, hearts and minds because they are at risk of being controlled or taken away permanently. 

  • Yes, people hurt others in cruel ways but we shouldn’t lock ourselves up and throw out the keys. 

Many people still do not realize that it is all about perspective in your own eyes that can change the way you see the world. Everyone knows the world has its dangers and of course it is wise to be wary sometimes but we are being formed to view the world as a place filled with violence and DANGER in all caps. Especially during this holiday season of giving and others hoping for better. We can change our perspectives just by believing!

The buddha remarked on the impact of perspective when he said, “Life is a creation of the mind.” 


Our world can make us view hope and happy thoughts as a foolish thing compared to reality because of “their” perspective. Simply hoping can surround you with positive energy and stop you from holding back.

Emily Dickinson said that hope inspires the good to reveal itself.

“When we look for the good, we are more likely to find it. When we welcome the good with hospitable hearts and minds, it is more likely to come.”



Hope is the most useful perspective that we human beings can take from this world of ours. To Hope is to create a place in the mind where we can patiently wait for good to come. Hope is dependent on belief which begins with believing in the goodness it self.  We should believe in hope with all our might in order for goodness to come our way. To receive such good results, we also need to believe that faith is honest and capable of being good and providing.


According to Jennifer Kunst “What happens in life is only part of the story; perspective accounts for what we see and the meaning we make of it.”


******Now I hope after reading this that it may be a sign from the universe or some sort to change your perspective and come out of your box.

Look and think further.

Feel a greater power.

Believe in it.

Trust in it.

& carry it with you through every person you meet and any living thing you encounter. 

******If you have always believed in hope but haven’t had any luck, just change your perspective a bit.

A little can go a long way.

Try changing the way you look at the good around you or dig a little deeper.  


Author Wayne Dyer wrote, “If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

I hope this inspires you to change the way you see the world for the better. To stop being afraid of the bad that we can be surrounded by at times, and just hope for better things to come your way. If you believe good will come your way, it most likely will. In such an unpredictable world we live in, it can be hard to find it within yourself and maybe for others it may not be so hard to most importantly remain hopeful with a positive perspective throughout life.





Thank you for reading.







the sun and her flowers (Poetry Book)


On October 3rd, 2017 Rupi Kaur’s second poetry book was finally released!

After reading her first poetry book ‘Milk & Honey’ I instantly fell in love with the way she expresses poetry. She has her own unique style in her poetry that conveys some personal messages, stories and experiences that can be very relatable to many. I also love the nice hand-drawn illustrations she includes in some of the pages. Ever since I found out about her,  I have been following Rupi on Instagram along with the other 1.6 million people. She had been promoting ‘the sun and her flowers’ for a while, so from then I was determined to get my hands on her new book.

Her publisher describes the book as  “a collection of non-traditional and deeply personal poems and original illustrations, focusing on growth, love and healing, ancestry and honoring one’s roots, expatriation and rising up to find a home within yourself.”



The sun and her flowers is divided into five chapters of poems which can be read chronologically or alone by chapter, very similar to ‘Milk & Honey’. She has since been on a tour along with a visual performance of her new book all over the world. Buying tickets for her book events get sold out fast so if you even think about attending I suggest you buy your ticket ASAP.


Rupi also told Teen Vogue Magazine that “I was going through a difficult breakup at the time, and I was thinking about the way sunflowers rotate with the sun. When the sun rises, they also rise, but when the sun leaves, they bow their heads. I thought that sort of worship at the time was just so stunning and so beautiful and so then I thought, “We are all our own suns and flowers are the experiences and the people we go through in our entire lifetime, so the sun and her flowers.”

If you have not yet gotten your copy, I strongly suggest you do! I will include her website below in case you’re interested in purchasing your very own copy.

Rupi Kaur







Ceron, Ella. “Your Favorite Instagram Poet Rupi Kaur Has a New BOOK Out.” Teen Vogue,, 4 Oct. 2017.

Biedenharn, Isabella. “’Milk and Honey’ Author Rupi Kaur Shares Poem From Next Book.”, Time Inc, 11 July 2017.


“Change A Soul”

On August 7th, 2017, something very special happened to me and it changed my whole perspective of people & life.

While I was visiting the great La Jolla Shores in California, I decided to take a walk with my boyfriend. While we were walking, we saw a bench in a shady area in front of a seniors home that was decorated with beautiful roses and palm trees which made it feel very cool on that hot Summers day. After sitting there enjoying the shade a car pulls up and out comes a lady, maybe in her late twenties with two or three boutiques of flowers. I suppose the lady was sending flowers to the senior home but before she started walking up the pathway to the doorIMG_5692

she pulled out a flower, walked toward me. Smiled. Handed me the flower. & said “Have a nice day.” 

I was so shocked and so happy at the same time! I was just smiling at her for the longest and said Thank you in the most excited way! This lady not only did the kindest thing possible, but absolutely topped my day with it. Her act of kindness was so simple yet so huge because no one in my years of life has done anything this remarkable & I really do appreciate her for this. She helped me change the way I see people and life because not only are there great humans like her but people just like her who make this planet we live in a better place.

After receiving the flower I passed it down to a young girl, maybe in her teens, handed her the flower and told her to have a great day. Who knows if she kept it or passed it down but spreading kindness is a must in our society and it also felt good! People need to know that being kind comes from within and isn’t something that should feel fake or forced upon. I really hope I made her day because I know it made mine. (: Always Spread Kindness ✌✌✌❤ #Spreadkindness


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