Ritual Coffee in San Francisco

Ritual Coffee Roasters, a fiercely independent, woman-oned, San Francisco to the core coffee sourcing and roasting company. We’ve been around since 2005 & have grown incrementally to six locations: five in San Francisco and one really fun spot in Napa.-Ritual Coffee

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A brief  intro of  ‘A Little Bit of Chakras’ Book by Amy Leigh & Chad Mercree

Knowing Your Seven Chakras are important for your overall personal well being. Read a brief intro about the wheels of spinning energy within you!


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Our Seven Chakras


How To Follow YOUR Intuition

Never Apologize for following your intuition- your brain can play tricks, your heart can blind, but your gut is always right.”

-Rachel Wolchin


Intuition as I see it, is the soul whispering to the mind.

Google defines it as:

the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning or 

a thing that one knows or considers likely from instinctive feeling rather than conscious reasoning.

Sophy Burnham, bestselling author of The Art of Intuition, tells The Huffington Post.

“It’s different from thinking, it’s different from logic or analysis … It’s a knowing without knowing.

Our intuition is a valuable resource because it represents automatic trust to a greater power within ourselves & the ability to receive information through levels we do not realize.  

The Spirituality & Health Magazine Claims       “On the energy side, intuition is associated with the 6th chakra, ajna, also called “the third eye.” This is the spot between your eyebrows. Child’s pose, where the third eye is pressing against the floor, is good for this chakra.”

Following your intuition consists of feeling large-10.jpgenergies , vibes, tunes & listening to your body. Your inner version is guiding you divinely & all you have to do is listen carefully. Our intuition is always there whether we know it or not, so here are some ways to learn how to listen to your inner voice more attentively. 



Listen, write & feel things around you to follow how often coincidences happen & how often you get in tune with your intuition.


“At night, when you’re dreaming, you’re receiving information from the unconscious or intuitive part of your brain,” says Burnham. “If you’re attuned to your dreams, you can get a lot of information about how to live your life.”


Having too much on your plate can often encourage your intuition to become unresponsive & maybe even wrong. Spending time with yourself can help you see the danger signs ahead brought by your intuition. 


Plenty of artists create on an intuitive level. Creating their best works when an idea strikes and  being creative can increase your intuition senses.


Although there can be times when our intuition is wrong, it is important to trust your inner voice. Trusting your inner voice can help you make better life decisions & make you happier at the end of your journey. 

Intuition Stories:

From jlaaj:

“As a kid, my dad was walking to school when a man came walking the opposite direction of him on the same side of the sidewalk. He felt an uncontrollable urge to cross the road but when they passed the man kept on walking, disappearing out of view. Later that day after my dad returned from school my grandfather told him the man had just stabbed his wife to death: my dad walked passed him as he was on his way to murder her.”

From LucasSidor:

“Not me, but when my mother was a teenager, she was supposed to go babysitting for a family she had babysat for many times before. She had a bad feeling about it one night and called them. They pleaded with her that it would only be a few hours, but she insisted and they said ‘okay’ and got another babysitter. That night, their house was broken into and the other babysitter was raped. I sometimes think about how different her life would be if she did go that night. My mom’s been through a lot of stuff.”

From Fittanto:

“My grandma did once: This is back in the ’80s I think

So my grandma was vacuuming, and she had this terrible feeling that my aunt was in danger (my aunt was about five at the time). She was in the front yard playing in the driveway. My grandpa’s friend was pulling out, and my aunt was right behind the car. Just before it happened my grandma screamed, and he stopped the car. Inches away from my aunt.”

“When my son was 3, I put him to bed just like any other night and closed his bedroom door. A couple of hours later I had an urge to check on him. I never check on him once he’s in bed, and there was no noise or reason for me to do so, but I went into his room and found that his duvet cover had somehow become twisted like a rope and ended up around his neck and over his face. I have no idea what would have happened if I hadn’t have gone in there. One of the scariest moments of my life.” — smeggieh

“With my son … I had a dream that my dog told me I was pregnant … The next day I took a test and bam! Pregnant.

With my daughter, I had a dream that my husband brought me home baby girl clothes … I knew: 1) that we were pregnant when I woke up, and 2) that it was going to be a girl. I was right.” — De3ziegreen

Thank you for reading.



What is Love?

Happy Valentine’s Day!!


But what is Valentines day? We know it’s an annual day of romance celebrated on February 14th, But what does romantic love mean to someone? Why can’t we express how much we love someone any other day of the week? & why do people hand out flowers & candy?

Well I took it upon myself to ask several people from different backgrounds & ages to determine what love really means to each individual.

[What is love?]

Anna, Age 25

What is love?

When you look at someone when they’re eating & you can tolerate it. If you cant stand the way your partner eats, it can bug you for the rest of your life.

Connor , Age 47

What is love?

the multitude of feelings. After 14 years her smile still warms my heart. Love is that amazing feeling you get deep down inside when your children make you proud. Last but not least, love is watching your grandchildren be born.

Marshall, Age 22

What is Love?

Love is stepping out of yourself to do something for another person.

Carl, Age 35

What is Love?

Love is a Lie! It is made up by rich companies that try to sell you candy so you can eventually get diabetes. 

Dezalina, Age 5

What is love?

Love is Family.

Brendon, Age 27 

What is Love?

Is when your partner can take food off your plate & you know it wont make you upset.

Rendell, Age 27

What is Love?

Love is sharing parts of yourself you wouldn’t share with anyone else. & there is no one else in the world you’d want to share that with.

Jackie, Age 17

What is love?

When you cant live without someone.

Alayna, Age 7

What is Love?

Love is when someone gives you the last chips in the bag.

Stacy, Age 50

What is love?

Love is looking in the mirror & feeling beautiful.

Rika, Age 27

What is Love?

Love is something you feel & its there when you don’t even know it.

Emily, Age 19

What is love?

Love is accepting who you are.

Jaden, Age 9

What is Love?

Love is when you hug someone for a long time.

Thank you for reading

Love, Lesley

Gracias A La Vida.

How to be Happy

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For starters everyone should know that it is possible and also necessary to be Happy in life. Understand that you should be Happy and if you’re not happy for some amount of time then, that’s not natural. It’s actually really weird to think that the majority of people allow themselves be unhappy just to make it by & that is wrong. WE are ALL suppose to be happy, feel happy & spread Happiness!! & thats why I say Gracias a La Vida meaning thank you for life. After listening to this song by Chicano Batman I realized how thankful and happy I am in this life. Read (down below) some quick changes you can make to your everyday life to live a better/happier




I’ve heard that people who are depressed do not drink enough water, which makes them feel dehydrated or maybe even worse. If you’d like to grab a cup of water right now before you proceed, you can do that.



If you don’t feel happy you probably need to exercise. Exercising is what gives you energy & energy is what your body needs to do things that make you happy. Anyway, it would be hard to be happy if you‘re unhealthy.



Not only is smoking cigarettes DEADLY, it also ends up taking most of your mental energy. You begin to devote your time on that, which can only make you feel worse. There is only so much space in your brain so why not fill it in with things that make you happy.



Spending time in nature gives you a fresh feel, allowing yourself to open your senses and get in tune with them. Going outside and taking a walk, hike, run or bike ride under the sun can help you be more mindful. It will allow happy thoughts & feelings to surface.



It all starts with YOU. You are the only one who can control what you think & I cant stress this enough but you are the controller to your own happiness. No matter how bad things seem, find a way to be grateful & see the light at the end of the tunnel. Its a learning process that takes time & practice. But soon enough you wouldn’t have to worry about being happy because it’d come natural to you & for you to spread it to everyone.


(A Poetry book) 2Fish -Jhené Aiko

 Jhené Aiko released an M.A.P Mission. (Movie, Album & Poetry Book). Also known as “Penny”, Aiko uses this M.A.P to navigate through the suffering of her brothers death.

She says “I never thought of him as a separate person but, as an extension of myself.”

Aiko also referes to herself as “Penny” in her new album named Trip, her Movie and also the poetry book 2Fish.

“This Map was made by me, for me. But I feel obligated to share because I know that I am not alone in my suffering. If there is one thing I’m sure of is that everyone on this planet is suffering. Not a single soul is immune to the pain of losing someone they love. The reality of this life is that at some point we will all lose someone we love. By sharing this M.A.P I hope I inspire others to be more present in the lives of the people they love. I hope this inspires others to share. “

“Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter51yKjJVuPiL.jpg Jhené Aiko Efuru Chilombo has developed & refined a method of emoting through writing. 2Fish is a collection of intimate poems (and a few short stories) written by Chilombo from adolescence to adulthood, in no particular order. This book offers her thoughts in their most raw & honest form taken directly from a collection of notebooks she has kept since age 12.” 



I’d like to talk about Jhené Aikos New Poetry Book named 2Fish. I heard she named her book 2Fish because she is a Pisces. The Pisces symbol is two fish facing different directions representing two different perspectives or personalities. Jhené Aiko, Also known as “Penny” describes the M.A.P as a journey to find inner peace & learn to deal with the death of her older brother.

Ever since her brother passed away, she has turned to her journals therapeutically. Since, Penny has gone on ‘Trips’ on her own peradventure with different kinds of drugs, hoping she might be able to reach him. I highly recommend that you READ her poetry book 2Fish, SEE her movie(down below), & LISTEN to her album because they are all impressively personal, compelling, linked & poetic!






The End.

Thank You for Reading.

“Have A Great Life” -Museum Of Death

On Wednesday, January seventeenth I had the opportunity to visit the Museum Of Death in Los Angeles California. I was invited to go for a friends birthday along with some other great people, so this would be my first time. I had no idea what was in store for me….

6031 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, CA 90028



We arrived at about 1 o’clock in the afternoon & parked right behind the museum building, which was totally FREE!


After parking and walking toward the front entrance, you can see nothing but beautiful murals all around you.

*Not all murals are presented.


Once we arrived to the entrance of the museum, I started to get real curious as to what the museum will show me! We walked into the red gate, walked to the left & up a couple of stairs to a very small room. The room was decorated with taxidermy animals hung all around the wall. On the left was a small souvenir shop with cool t-shirts and posters but on the right was a thick red curtain. Just entering the first room I felt a weight of pressure on my chest.



Museum Of Death Need To Knows:

  • Admission per person is 15$.

  •  The Museum is a self guided tour.

  •  Lasts about 45 minutes – 1 hour.

  •  No age limit  *Mature audiences are strongly recommended because passing out inside the museum is very common.

  •  Seriously strict on phones/picture taking (Thats why I don’t have any pictures from the inside. Sorry.)

After paying for our tickets we walked into the first room which was an alluring serial killer room. Walking into the small room you could see & hear an in-depth investigation story of several criminals. IMG_2066.JPGThe depth of information in this museum was incredible! As I was reading through the various letters, notes, christmas cards, and art work by these serial killers I was instantly fascinated. The room was defiantly odd but a great way to start the tour.

The next rooms consisted of more death! Not a big surprise but after we then walked into the……..

  • Execution Room

  • Brutal images of Car Crashes hallway

  • Funeral Room

  • Mortician Room

  • Carnage Room

  • Small Hallways full of harsh photographs 

  • Crime Scene Evidence

  • You’ll even find rooms dedicated to famous crimes like Charles Manson, The Black Dahlia & OJ Simpson.

  • Suicide Room

  • Genocide Room

  • Specimen Room (human/animal skeletons & taxidermy 


  • Death Theater (Very graphic videos & scenes of death)




The museum was legit! It covered many different topics from coffin collections to body bags, morticians, war, celebrities, animals and more! The museum gave me a chilling experience the whole way through and even made my stomach turn a bit during the Specimen Room. After leaving the room I started to feel better, nothing major but the museum got to me feeling woozy at the end. I’m not really into all the gory kind of stuff & despite that, I actually enjoyed the museum. My friends and I were all deeply engaged with each exhibit, reading through all the information and discussing interesting aspects we found. This museum is really odd in a good way! That is why you MUST GO! Experience this CraZy TriP!



While walking out and into the souvenir room I had a huge weight come off of me. I honestly felt so great to be living! The Museum Of Death hit me with the weight of reality, making me realize how grateful I am to be alive & how grateful I am to have such wonderful people around me who are also alive! Death is everywhere and there is no way we can avoid it because we all eventually die. 

Death is something we should embrace. 

All the trees, plants, animals and humans are only temporary on this planet but its just the cycle of life. 

We’re born, we live & we die.



Have a great life.


40 Things Every 20-something Year Old Should Realize


 Entering my twenties last year helped me realize that time stops for no one and life goes on no matter what. Being 20 years old is the beginning of true adulthood & it just goes uphill from there. Here are 40 things every 20-something year old should realize throughout the early stages of adulthood which may consist of struggle, wonder, and hard work. Take each small reason into consideration to start your journey up the hill with a prepped back pack and the correct hiking shoes!

1. Know Your Worth, Always!


2. Don’t Take Anything for Granted, Especially the People You Love.


3. Forgiveness Is For Your Well Being.


4. People Grow Apart.


5. Meditation Actually Works.


6. When You Find Love, Don’t Run Away.


7. Now Is The Time For Self-Care.


8. You’re Not As Alone As You Think.


9. Travel as Much as You Can While You’re Young!


10. You’re Allowed to Quit a Job You Hate.


11. Read More!


12. Being Kind Goes a Long Way


13. Believe In Yourself!


14. Don’t Get Back With Your Ex.


15. Make Mistakes, but most importantly learn from them.


16. You Actually Need to Start Thinking Ahead.


17. Don’t Waste Time Being Shy.


18. If You Really Want Something, Try Your Hardest To Get It!


19. You’re Allowed To Feel Lost At Your Age.


20. Work Hard, Play Hard.


21. Sex Gets Better.


22. Parents Only Want The Best For You.


23. Mean It When You Say ‘I Love You’


24. Online Dating isn’t Something you Should be Ashamed or Embarrassed of.

25. Remember You Are Still Very Young.


26. Face Your Problems.


27. Surround Yourself with Positive People, Not People who Try to Bring You Down.


28. Make Great Memories & Keep them well secure in Your Heart.


29. Don’t Feel Obligated To Do Anything But You.


30. Listen/Respect Your Elders.

31. Making a Mistake is Not the End of the World.


32. Don’t Let Anyone Tell You That You Can’t Do Something.


33. Trust Your Instincts. 


34. You Aren’t going to have the Same Friends that you did in high school. But that’s alright.


35. You Don’t Need To Know Everything.


36. Things Can Fall Apart One Day But You Will Survive, Promise.


37. Do Not Be Afraid To Tell Someone You Are In Love With Him/Her.


38. Heartbreak Is Only Temporary, It Is Not going to Kill You Despite What You Might Think.


39. Your Dream Career May Not Be What You Do For The Rest Of Your Life.

40. Your Life Does Not Need To Be Figured Out Just Yet!




20 Things to Start Doing in 2018!




This is one of my favorite times of the year because everyone is motivated, inspired and willing to start fresh for the next year. This post is all about that!

Here I have 20 things you can start doing in 2018 to live a motivated, healthy, fun and inspired year! 

+ Keep in mind that all your hard work will pay off if you stay consistent.


Throw Away things you don’t need.

Declutter your closet, room, car and any extra space to give you a fresh start.


Drink a lot of Water & Green Tea.

Drinking more water is essential for survival but also improves skin complexion, increases energy, cures headaches & more!


Be Open Minded.

Being open minded can help you grow and learn,  while strengthening your belief in yourself. + Try painting, yoga, meditation, sports & spontaneous adventures.



Spend Money On Experiences.

According to a researcher named Dr. Gilovich, spending money on experiences instead of materialistic things can make you happier, define your purpose & passions and make moments in life more memorable. 


Change Your Diet.

Eat more fruits and veggies + natural foods & stop eating meat. Putting nothing but good into your body will help you live longer and healthier!


Do Not Judge Or Compare Yourself To Others.

Comparing yourself to others can put you in a negative place at times which isn’t good for your mental health. Judging others can also say a lot about who you truly are and draw friends and family away.


Start Journaling

I made a post specifically on journaling & how it has helped me over the years & how it could help you too. Check it out!



Double The Time Spent Outdoors/Nature

Spending double about of time outdoors/nature can influence sharper thinking and creativity, relief stress, restore mental health & can possibly have anti-cancer effects.


Make A New Friend

Supportive friends are always great because they can last a lifetime!


Take Time For Self Care

Make time to feel confident. Whether it may be starting a new skin care routine, visiting the dentist or doctor or treating your hair with good care or even relaxing in a bath.


Save Save Save Money $$

Instead of eating out every other day cut it down to once a week to save money for a plane ticket to somewhere spontaneous. It is also smarter to save money to be prepared for any accidents. 


Make More Time For Loved Ones

Set up dates with family members or friends who live far away or text/call more often because you never know what the next day has in store. 


Stretch Daily To Increase Flexibility

Stretching daily can prevent injuries, back pain, and balance problems.

Dance More & Laugh Often

Try not to take life so seriously and remember you can laugh and dance to express happy feelings, whenever & however. Even if you do it alone in your room, never stop being happy!


Start Planning Days The Night Before

Setting up your days the night before can set you up for a more productive & organized day!


Listen To Peaceful Music

Listening to peaceful music can relax our bodies, mind and can be an extremely effective stress management tool.


Read A New Book

I know a lot of people don’t like to read but that’s because they haven’t found the right one just yet. There are plenty of books to choose from that you may fall in love with. Reading a personal growth book, a mystery, humor or even reading a book to a child can make you smarter & increase brain power!


Wear Clothes That Make You Happy

Wearing clothes that make you feel happy can also make you feel confident and beautiful! & who doesn’t want to feel confident and beautiful?? 


Stop Thinking Negative Thoughts

I actually made a whole blog post about negative thinking and how and why you may think that way + plus ways to change your perception. Check it out!


Try Doing More Of What You Love

You shouldn’t feel obligated to do anything in life. You’re the only one living your life so why not do more of what you love? It can help you discover yourself and lead to happiness.



Thank you for reading!








Why start a Journal?

What is a Journal?

A journal is a blank canvas waiting to be filled with words, pictures or anything else that comes from within. Think of your journal as a place you can vomit your words without any filters or judgment. This is YOUR journal, its basically anything you want it to be! You are free to explore your dreams, ambitions, thoughts, goals, etc. to escape from the real world. The future you is listening to the present you because a journal will be with you for life. By reflecting on what matters most to you now, you can be your own time traveler!

My Experience with Journaling

I am a journaler at heart and have always kept a journal since I could remember. Journaling has been a big part of my life because it helps my mind and imagination roam so I can create on a daily basis. When I first started journaling I honestly enjoyed it & made it a routine every night to write, draw and even stuff flowers between the pages.

I always had more than one journal- one was to free write my feelings/ doodle and another was to write down my unusual dreams/ stories. From a young age I have always loved to write on paper so having a journal was the perfect way for me to find my voice.

Writing in my journal is therapeutic. Just having somewhere to admit things and appreciate the small forgotten moments in my life is a pleasure. Having a journal was my answer to everything and maybe it could be yours too!




 Starting a Personal Journal can/ will:

  • Build Inner confidence when things change physically and emotionally.

    >> Expressing how you feel on paper can make you feel like someone is listening to what you have to say. + Express happy feelings


  • Help clarify thoughts and opinions while improving communication.

    >> If you’re feeling low or lost and don’t know why, you can keep asking yourself/your journal the reasons for your feelings until you come to see potential answers. Then you may be able to reach out for help or advice


  • A journal is a safe place to write about things that tend to make you feel vulnerable or ashamed

    (although they shouldn’t)>>Any insecurities, nervousness, inhibition, etc.


  • If you focus on primarily getting things out of your head and onto a blank page, it can help with creative writing.

    >>How cool!


  • By observing people, things and situations around you, you’ll tend to understand that things change. Moment to moment. Day by Day. Hour after hour.

    >> If you are having a bad day, you will realize there are more good things to be happy about.


  • If you are working towards a certain goal, it can track your progress.

    >>Studying for an exam, exercising , meditating, drinking more water etc. 


  • Keeping a journal can be amazing for the good times in life, but keeping a journal during the not-so-good times can be even better. It helps process any difficult emotions, anxieties or concerns.

    >>It helps you vent all the bad shit out, making you feel better at the end.


  • Looking back at a journal of yours can help you appreciate the little things in life.

    >> The smell of flowers for instance, or forgotten moments that magically appeared after seeing a specific drawing.


  • A journal can help you understand that everything works out at the end.

    >>Falling off your bike for the first time wasn’t the end of the world.


  • There are even some scientists who believe keeping a journal regularly can help your mind and your body to fight diseases! (So Start writing!!)

Writing on paper regularly may be hard at first but once you get into the grove, I’m sure you will love it!
You’ll never know until you try.
So go get a notebook, paper or a cute journal and start the process!!!
Thank you for reading
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