Geometric patterns found in the “Place of Death”




 Our trip to Mitla was simply a 30 minute stop on our way to “Hierve El Agua” from Oaxaca City. The whole trip was about two hours Southeast, upp the high valleys. We decided the best way to explore on our own schedule was to rent a car. Which is recommended if you’re driving throughout Oaxaca. And for this reason, we took a lonnng road trip but that’s another story. Most importantly, the archaeological zone of Mitla & the Pueblo Magicó that surrounds it {San Pablo Villa De Mitla} was an interesting find. The small town traces back to 700 A.D -before the Spaniards invaded.

What’s a Pueblo Magico ?

It translates to “Magical Village” and they are villages that offer a one of a kind experience in Mexico. Each one shines through its symbolism, legends, history, important events, festivals, traditions and more! It provides every explorer with a guide to all the best places to visit in Mexico!

Mitla meaning “Place of Death” is the second best known archaeological zone in the whole state of Oaxaca! It is believed that Mitla was a sacred burial site within the Zapotec‘s which is a group of indigenous people in Mexico.


According to legend, “It was a religious centre, run almost entirely by priests who spent most of their time undertaking human sacrifices, often by extracting live hearts from the victims being sacrificed, and depositing them in a pit of fire as an offering to the gods.” 


The archaeological zone is known for its main group 

The Group Of Columns


Each group possesses large rectangular patios connected to long, narrow rooms. However, in order to enter each room you have to walk through a small passage way. And you wouldn’t believe that all the patios, halls & chambers (above & below ground) were decorated with impressive mosaic designs.


Surprisingly, after seeing my share of ruins throughout Mexico this has to be the most intricate & amazing site ever! Nonetheless, the two underground tombs that were evacuated & restored in the 80s felt creepy and the atmosphere was mysteriously humid.



Although the town is known for its handcrafted textiles and Mezcal, its beauty lies within the walls of its ruins. It’s so incredible how almost every wall on the site is decorated with geometric designs {that you can’t find anywhere else in Mexico! } The archaeological zone in Mitla is soo majestic you must see it for yourself! 


 Mitla Archeological Zone is open Everyday!

Monday – Saturday 8am-5pm // Sunday -Free

75 Pesos to Enter (About 4 USD)

Parking is Free

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