Lost In Baja California, Mexico

Obviously, Mexico is always my first choice when traveling because of all the great cultural art embedded in everything & the new feeling of discovering their unique places. Another spontaneous trip to Mexico was exactly what I needed. And only four perfect days in Ensenada Mexico helped me learn more about myself & the impact my little getaway had on my well-being.

July 31st

Just four hours South from Los Angeles lies the port city of Ensenada in Baja California, Mexico. This beautiful city is filled with marvelous rocky beaches, mountain ranges & is super accessible due to Mexicos toll roads. You may know Ensenada for it’s famous Papas & beer nightclub or La Bufadora (Blowhole) but the city has more to offer! Ensenada is also home of the ‘fish taco’ & wine country in Mexico! Here are a couple things I did on my Birthday getaway !

We found a perfect little airstream right by the beach to relax & celebrate my 22nd birthday.

Spending time in the airstream was definitely an experience that brought me a lot of joy and tranquility. Sleeping to the sound of the ocean was one of my favorite things about this getaway ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

I also loved waking up to Mexicos beautiful sunrise, with golden rays peeking through the windows, gently waking me up. But I mostly enjoyed cozying up together when the ocean breeze began to linger inside. It felt like a mini camping trip by the beach.

The days spent in the airstream were quite cleansing & healing for me. It’s so clear that spending time outdoors is something our bodies + mind need to stay sane. I think that starting my day by getting outside is really an act of self love and gratitude & when you recognize those things about yourself, I feel like its easier to see your life in a new light.My little getaway in Ensenada has helped me realize how much I love spending time outdoors. These momments of clarity helped me realize how much I enjoy sharing my experiences on my blog.

Ruta De Vino

After two days in nature with our airstream, we decided to go towards the mountains & visit Valle De Guadelupe. It is a very popular wine & cuisine destination for tourist & locals, so why not check it out!

While we visited a winery, our host told us that this area in Ensenada produces over 70% of Mexicos wine! The Ruta de Vino (Wine Route) has over 100 beautiful wineries so you could only imagine how hard it was to pick one. Personally I’m not a wine person but I do love art so I decided to visit Casa Frida in Baja California! (One of the only wineries that is also an art gallery of Frida Khalo) We paid 350 pesos for four wine tasting glasses which converts to a little over 18$ USD per person.

You walk into a beautiful wooden looking barn to find it filled with gigantic canvases of art! The life sized art was super inspiring along with the little details in decor from flower hanging lamps, colorful furniture, and hand painted traditional Mexican hats. This art gallery was very chic and offered lots of space to sit and enjoy the mountain views.

Not all art displayed

I fell in love with the ambiance but not the wine haha. I simply cant seem to like wine, not even at the age of 22. But its okay, all I wanted was the experience. The experience to hold a light wine glass between my fingers while I gently stir it.

La Bufadora

La Bufadora, also known as a blowhole is a marine geyser that shoots sea water into the air. The blowhole shoots water upward as a result of the water being trapped in a cave.

This attraction is so popular in Ensenada that people come from everywhere to see the magic of the blowhole. Although it is an hour South from the port of Ensenada, it is still considered part of the city.

In order to see the blowhole you must first park. The parking fee usually depends on how much they charge but we paid 50 pesos which is a little under 3$ USD for an hour. Afterward you walk down the street with all the vendors and that will lead you to La Bufadora. Unfortunately we didn’t see it spout too much water but the thunder like sounds were pretty powerful & awesome!

The Punta Banda in Baja California, Mexico is a very beautiful rocky landscape. Even the drive down South to La Bufadora along the coast was incredible! As always , I suggest exploring the fascinating beauty within all of Mexico! Once you see it for yourslef it will surprise you with it’s culture and unique places 🙂


Only four perfect days in Ensenada Mexico helped me appreciate my body + soul. I began to realize how extremely grateful I am to be able to love, dance & smell the earthy gust of wind. I can’t stress the impact this little getaway by the rocky shore in Ensenada had on my well-being. Whenever you decide to take some time for yourself always remember to stop and smell the roses!

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