Bloom Wildly is pretty much my journey of exploration to pursuit my version of a momentous existence! I also started this blog as a creative outlet to express my utter devotion to writing & collecting real life experiences. Born in California, I have naturally found a fascination exploring a Southern portion of North America named México! I have been exploring México for over 3 years, visiting over 8 different states and still exploring endless citie

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To tell you the truth, I was incredibly culture shocked yet thrilled about every part of that experience! Soon after I discovered places where I had traces of family & I discovered wonderful cities & beautiful views. Of course I had my challenges as a young traveler but it’s all part of the learning process. Trust me.

At one point, I began to notice the incredible atmosphere/energies almost every town offered that made each one very unique. I dug a little deeper and had discovered quite a few of the Pueblos Magicos “Magical Towns” in Mexico(Without knowing it). I began reading about its history, admiring the art & hearing the legends. Soon afterwards I began to redefine México completely and really admire all of its beauty. 

After a year of traveling throughout Mexico, I made a goal to explore all of it (especially the Pueblo Magicos)! Can you imagine it? Well, realistically I want to explore the most places I can anyway.

Now, I would like to invite you to see México through my perspective & follow me on my journey! I will attempt to show you what I know so you could get inspired or just take that leap into the unknown! Perhaps I just want others to see its beauty beyond the tacos because it goes wayyy deeper than that. I only hope you gain the excitement to do something similar or build the courage to put yourself out there! (Wherever it may be) 

Bloom Wildly

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