Day Trip in Valladolid, Mexico

Hey friends, tis I. While waiting in the ADO Bus station in Tulum, my boyfriend & I were encouraged to take a spontaneous day trip somewhere. We figured we could visit the city of Valladolid since it was just a couple hours away & one of a few choices. & I’m glad we did because I fell IN LOVE! This town is the perfect place to spend a day or two because it is surprisingly untouched by vast tourists. Valladolid is also part of the magical towns (Pueblo Magicos) known all over Mexico. The government calls these small towns “magical” because of all the things that make it particularly unique. This distinct pueblo is filled with historic museums & churches, colorful streets, legends & lots of great traditional cuisines.

These Pueblo Magicos are encouraged by the people of Mexico because each pueblo has a special experience to offer. Pueblo Magicos are basically hidden gems that the average tourist wouldn’t pick. This just shows how Mexico has more to offer than beautiful beaches & sun.

Words of Advice

Honestly the best advice I can give to anyone visiting Valladolid is to explore downtown on foot! You’ll find so many amazing things by doing that but most importantly you will discover places you would have never found before. For example hidden gardens, chic clothing stores, hotels, and great local food. Exploring downtown on foot can give you a more authentic approach to the town and the unique people who live there.

Casually walking down the colorful streets

Its also very beautiful because every house is painted in vibrant colors! Just the cobblestone roads, craftsmanship & charming 16-century architecture is worth the visit. Valladolid also has cenotes, Mayan Ruins and some of the best beaches all around it.

Random door
I was amazed at how big the tree was
We ate some traditional cuisines in the restuarant under the arches.

Iglesia De San Servacio

This beautiful church is the (Iglesia De San Servacio) located in the downtown area of Valladolid. I always find it so incredible to see very old structures like these because they give places more character & a glimpse of its history. This noticeable church is popular in Valladolid & hard to miss like many other buildings in the area, so just go and explore for a day!

Chic hotel I found after admiring the old doors & window designs

Plus if the sunshine is hitting just right, it can be the perfect place to buy some ice cream and wander. With its calming atmosphere and centered parks, Valladolid can be a good place for a day trip. I hope you consider Valladolid when you decide to visit the Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico!

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