Biking Around Tulum, Quintana Roo (Things to do)

Tulum is a small town in Quintano Roo which makes it very easy to get around. One of the best way to get places in Tulum is on a bike. Yes, you’ll probably sweat a ton & yes you’ll probably get sunburnt, but its easier to explore and wonder off on your own with a bike (& a whole lot cheaper). Also, once youre off the downtown streets of Tulum there is a paved path specifically for bikes that leads you straight to the beach!*Totally safe

Lots of Airbnbs in Tulum offer free bikes with your stay & others at an extra charge *Easiest way to get a free bike. Plenty of other bike rentals are available on the main road of Tulum, literally next to the ADO bus station *I would just suggest asking around & finding the cheapest price.

Here are some places you can visit in Tulum that are very accessible on a bike.


Tulum is known for having areas with natural sinkholes that are made up of crystal clear waters. These sinkholes are called Cenotes. Swimming in a cenote is a must if you’re visiting any part of the Yucatan Peninsula! We visited Cenote Calavera, they charged a small fee (100 pesos) because its located in the backyard of a locals home(where most cenotes are located). Swimming in a cenote is exciting, a tad bit scary but worth the experience. When it comes to Cenotes in Tulum there are plenty to choose from.

Batey Bar

I wanted to include this bar because its one of my ultimate favorites in Tulum. They have live music, food, drinks +plus they make their own sugar cane juice! This Mojito & Guarapo Bar is located in downtown Tulum & is still very affordable(surprisingly). Batey gets very very packed during the weekends so get there early to find good seats. *bike stations available

Tulums Beach

The beach of Tulum is simply beautiful! I love the clear warm water & the bright sun. Tulums beach has its very own “gym” its pretty much just some equipment and bars to workout with but it comes in handy. I would also consider it a nude beach because almost every girl is topless. Plus if you walk along the shore you’ll run into lots of beach bars, resturants, clubs & people meditating. Its such a chill place to be, check out Tulums beach.


Tulum is filled with lots of art! You’ll find murals in every corner, no kidding. Try biking to different murals & find as many as you can. Go!

Tulum Ruins

This site of Tulum was a Mayan walled city directly next to the beach. Although you cant touch or climb any of the temples, its still a very popular destination in Tulum because of the wildlife, architecture and its private beach. Its truly astounding & more enjoyable with a bike +the entrance fee is only 63 pesos.


I hope this inspires you to bike the tropical paradise of Tulum whenever you visit. There is so much to do & see!

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