Must See Destinations in Mexico City

Mexico City has become one of my favorite places to visit thus far because of its unique culture, people & attractions. I’ve been in Mexico for almost two months now exploring the beautiful country and everything it has to offer. After experiencing all the touristy sites that Mexico is known for, I thought I’d share the most important/cool ones with you.


One of the best places to party, relax or simply spend the day with friends and family has to be Xochimilco! Riding on a brightly colored boat, traditionally known as Trajineras is an experience. You can pretty much rent a trajinera for up to 20 people or less to stroll along the huge water canals. People will try to sell you food & drinks on their mini boats too which is very convient. It was beautiful, peaceful & lots of fun!

*Recommended: If you visit Xochimilco, Enter through the main area of Xochimilco(Nativitas) because there are also private owned areas that connect to the main canal but those people usually try to charge more. Search & ask around for the lowest price you can get.

Torre Latino Americana

Torre Latinoamericana is a 597ft skycraper located in the downtown center of Mexico City. You cant miss it, its one of the most important landmarks in the big city! Although you do have to pay a small fee of 120$ pesos which is about $6USD, I absolutley recommend it. Not only is there an unbelieveable view but also a restuaurant, separate bar & snacks available on the top floor.

*Recommended: Try to go at night when its not so busy or during the week. If not, I’d watch out for the long line that stretches outside of the building.

Palacio de Bellas Artes

The Palace of Fine Arts is just breathtaking! I love everything about the palace! It is definitely a must see destination in Mexico City for its noteable events in every art department & important exhibitions (located in the center of Mexico City)

Recommended: If you want a better view of the palace & maybe a cup of coffee check out Don Porfirio Caffe! They have free wifi, an incredible view & great coffee! *Enter through the huge Sears right across the street from the palace & take the elevator to the top top floor.


Teotihuacan was once Mexicos biggest acient city. Just a little off the grid, Teotihuacan is home of two main pyramids, the Pyramid of the Sun & Pyramid of the Moon along with many other structures that have somewhat fallen. The pyramids & structors are unbelieveable! Its rumored that extraterrestrial creatures helped the aztecs build these huge pyramids in the 1st century AD.

Recommended: Every Sunday admission into Teotihuacan is free! Although it is free to enter, it’s filled with lots & lots of people & the line to go up the pyramids is as long as a line at Disneyland. There is also no shade what so ever so make sure to take plenty of water & a hat.

Museo de Antropologia

The Museum of Anthropology is one of the most popular/largest museums in Mexico City. The museum has 23 rooms of exhibits holding prescious and extremely significant artifacts of alomst everything.

Recommended: This museum is also free on Sundays and not extremely packed like others in Mexico so its definitely a place to check off the list.

Museo De Frida Khalo

The blue house (Casa Azul) is one the most popular destinations in Coyoacan Mexico. Its the house that Frida Khalo lived in most of her life with her family and her husband Diego Rivera. Known as one of the best female artists in Latin America, Frida Khalos home allows you to see a very personal part of her life.

Recommended: Before going to Coyoacan to visit the Casa Azul, you better buy your tickets online. No joke, the line to get in is extremely long +plus your’e not even garanteed a ticket. Be smart & buy your tickets online so you only wait 10 minutes max & have the rest of your day to explore the town. It only takes about 15 minutes to see the house so dont wait in line, just dont.

Castillo de Chapultepec/ park

I’ve already written a blog post about the Castillo (Castle) de Chapultepec so check it out! But the Chapultepec park is also worth exploring. The park is gigantic! You can find a Zoo(also free on Sundays), a Castle, lots of museums, lakes & large fountains. This urban park is bigger than Central park in New York & Imperial Garden in Tokyo.

Recommended: It is impossible to explore this park in one or two days, its just that big! I suggest taking the time to visit this park as much as you can. Its so beautiful, chill, very peaceful & it has free wifi. You dont want to miss this section of Mexico City.

Zocalo, Metropolotan Cathedral, Templo Mayor

These three places are located in the Plaza de la Constitución, downtown area of Mexico City. The Zocalo is the main square of the downtown plaza where the Aztecs performed ceremonies. I’m not religious but the Metropolotan Cathedral looks very beautiful from the inside & out. & the Templo Mayor is an outside museum of ruins (main temple of Mexica peoples). You just have to check these out.

Recommended: The downtown area known as the Plaza de la Constitución is always extremely packed! Its so packed that it looks like China with all the people. I would just suggest to keep your walet & purse close to you as possible because you never know what may happen.

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