Happiness Comes From Within

In a couple of days the year twenty-eighteen will be nothing but a memory & part of the past. Twenty-eighteen was personally a blissful year filled with so much discovery, travel, hard-work, love, laughter and of course some obstacles but who doesn’t have that. We all suffer from time to time on whatever it might be but let me tell you that YOU are the only thing stopping your happiness. Let’s start the new year with lots of ambition, style, confidence & happiness!

“If you want to be happy, set a goal that commands your thoughts, liberates your energy, and inspires your hopes.”

-Andrew Carnegie 

Take a peak at some of my 2019 **Happy** Goals. I specifically put the word Happy with stars because my goals will consists of nothing but things that make me HAPPY. I created sort of a digital vision board for you, in hopes that this could encourage you to think about your New Year Goals. I know most people don’t like to plan or even think about New Year resolutions but I want to inspire everyone to put Happy words into actions! & it all starts with a goal or perhaps a physical vision board. This will help your inner self be more inspired! 

Happiness is key 

Be with Nature

I love being outdoors. It lets me breath in fresh air & feel so in tune . I am my happiest in nature.

Tune into my Spirituality 

This has to do with finding what I believe in. To live peacefully & consciously. Discover Energies / Vibrations / Meditation

Take a camping trip somewhere

I’d love to go camping somewhere in the mountains. Something about bonfires calms me. But most importantly being in the middle of nowhere and away from civilization is relaxing.

Read 10 Books in 2019

Reading physical books with my hands is traditional for me. I enjoy reading actual books & just looking for the right one. Reading is my friend so we must converse more often in 2019.

Meet New People

I honestly want to connect with more people in 2019. I am a listener simply intrigued by romance, stories, culture, adventures, etc. Meeting new people with the same ambitions & respect could become friendships of a lifetime.

Go on Road Trips

I want to go on three or more road trips next year. Road trips are a lot of work. But I am also a sucker for beautiful views & sunsets so this is perfect!

Get more Tattoos

I’ve discovered a love for the art of tattooing. I plan on getting another or maybe a few for sure -throughout the new year, no doubt about it.

Travel !

I love traveling! I can’t explain how excited & happy traveling makes me. I have a huge trip coming up which is going to change me & teach me so much. I also can’t forget all the little trips I’ll make along the way 🙂

Learn More Songs on the Piano

Playing the piano has always been a hobby since I could remember. I plan on challenging myself to play faster & regularly.

I want to write more often

The calligraphy pen is what I want to master. Ive been practicing my hand-letter/calligraphy for over a year now & see progress. I also plan to continue writing in my journal everyday.

Wear More jewelry

Jewelry compliments your body parts. It is only right that I allow jewelry to become part of 2019.

Inspire others

Doing what we want isn’t always easy. People are tied to jobs, school, bills & other things that might not be what they really want to do in life. I’ve been through so much to know that your life shouldn’t be spent doing things that make you unhappy. I created this outlet to also inspire you, who is reading this to go out and travel! Get away & follow your own unique path. Sometimes it takes just the right amount of inspiration to start.

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Love today, love tomorrow

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