Day of the Dead in Coyoacan Mexico!!

Mexico Travel Diary

On November 2nd, I visited Coyoacan in Mexico City. Coyoacan is translated to be the  “place where Coyotes abound.” THERE is where I found SO many restaurants, theaters, markets, churches, museums and a great deal of local vendors selling everything from sugarskulls to freshh flowers!!

The town held a huge event that included several art galleries, plenty of awesome ofrendas, entertainment & lots of pan de muerto -which was delicious!  Thats how I started the day, some coffee and my favorite pan de muerto in Coayacan. Hands down my favorite food items in Mexico!

9:03am El Beneficio for breakfast in Coyoacan

Coyoacan Celebration…

After breakfast, we went down to the main plaza and spent all day celebrating Day of the Dead. Everything we ended up buying was handmade, drawn, painted, carved, & braided by hustling artists, which I think is very personal & unique. Each item tells its own story that way.

Day Of The Dead?

Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) is a Mexican Holiday celebrated throughout Mexico to pray for and remember friends and family that have passed. Day of the Dead is very similar to Halloween back in the states, but to the Mexican culture its a tradition. Other traditions include building personal altars called ofrendas, praising local parades / festivals + the whole city is covered in bright orange Marigolds.

The ofrendas honor the dead by providing the spirits with their favorite foods and beverages in the afterlife. Dia de los Muertos becomes a huge celebration in Mexico.

Halloween in the states is on the 31st of October while Dia de los Muertos goes on for three days, starting on the 31st till November 2nd. The celebration starts with children circling shopping centers and homes for candy, another is spent with loved ones that have passed, and the last day is to actually celebrate- I had a great time exploring the beautiful city of Mexico & really diging deep into the traditions and colorful holiday.

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