Coba Mayan Ruins *Largest Stone Causeway Of The Ancient World


oba is located in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo. It has one of the largest stone causeways of the ancient Mayan world +plus it has one of the only pyramids you can still climb today! The history of this place is magnificent! The ancient Mayan people first settled between 50 BC and 100 AD building stone pathways that connected clusters of residential areas that lead to the main pyramid Nohoch Mul meaning “large hill” & a couple lakes nearby.




The Mayan Ruins also had two well preserved slanted ball courts, which consisted of bouncing a heaving rubber ball through stone rings with their hips. The ruins still has numerous species of animal wandering through the jungle which I should note. It is estimated that Coba

had a population of over 50,000 inhabitants & was once the most powerful in the region.

Nohoch Mul

Exploring the most significant attraction of Coba included climbing a very steep 120-foot high pyramid! It was not an easy climb-well if you are afraid of heights like me. Thank goodness for the long rope that assisted me up the huge pyramid because It helped me keep my balance.



Once I got to the top of the gigantic pyramid I was extremely proud of myself! But as soon as I reached the top I realized how bright it was but also very beautiful! We were wayy above the trees & I could see the horizon connecting the whole Coba jungle!




My boyfriend and I were at awe simply looking down from the great Nohoch Mul Pyramid! Getting down the pyramid was a little harder but obtainable. It was extremely humid, about 80 degrees and I was literally dripping sweat while it began to sprinkle. Climbing the Nohoch Mul Pyramid was such a breathtaking journey, I would definitely do it again! ♥




To enter the Archaeological sites, there is a fee of 70 pesos which is a little under $4 USD & if you go on a Sunday (Mexicans & Mexican residents get into all the sites for free.)


Most people rent bikes ($2) or hire bici taxi ($4) or simply walk around Coba which can take a couple hours to tour.


Make sure to Bring:



Fresh Water

Comfy dirty shoes



Snacks (Local shops right before you enter)


The end.

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