What is Love?

Happy Valentine’s Day!!


But what is Valentines day? We know it’s an annual day of romance celebrated on February 14th, But what does romantic love mean to someone? Why can’t we express how much we love someone any other day of the week? & why do people hand out flowers & candy?

Well I took it upon myself to ask several people from different backgrounds & ages to determine what love really means to each individual.

[What is love?]

Anna, Age 25

What is love?

When you look at someone when they’re eating & you can tolerate it. If you cant stand the way your partner eats, it can bug you for the rest of your life.

Connor , Age 47

What is love?

the multitude of feelings. After 14 years her smile still warms my heart. Love is that amazing feeling you get deep down inside when your children make you proud. Last but not least, love is watching your grandchildren be born.

Marshall, Age 22

What is Love?

Love is stepping out of yourself to do something for another person.

Carl, Age 35

What is Love?

Love is a Lie! It is made up by rich companies that try to sell you candy so you can eventually get diabetes. 

Dezalina, Age 5

What is love?

Love is Family.

Brendon, Age 27 

What is Love?

Is when your partner can take food off your plate & you know it wont make you upset.

Rendell, Age 27

What is Love?

Love is sharing parts of yourself you wouldn’t share with anyone else. & there is no one else in the world you’d want to share that with.

Jackie, Age 17

What is love?

When you cant live without someone.

Alayna, Age 7

What is Love?

Love is when someone gives you the last chips in the bag.

Stacy, Age 50

What is love?

Love is looking in the mirror & feeling beautiful.

Rika, Age 27

What is Love?

Love is something you feel & its there when you don’t even know it.

Emily, Age 19

What is love?

Love is accepting who you are.

Jaden, Age 9

What is Love?

Love is when you hug someone for a long time.

Thank you for reading

Love, Lesley

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