“Have A Great Life” -Museum Of Death

On Wednesday, January seventeenth I had the opportunity to visit the Museum Of Death in Los Angeles California. I was invited to go for a friends birthday along with some other great people, so this would be my first time. I had no idea what was in store for me….

6031 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, CA 90028



We arrived at about 1 o’clock in the afternoon & parked right behind the museum building, which was totally FREE!


After parking and walking toward the front entrance, you can see nothing but beautiful murals all around you.

*Not all murals are presented.


Once we arrived to the entrance of the museum, I started to get real curious as to what the museum will show me! We walked into the red gate, walked to the left & up a couple of stairs to a very small room. The room was decorated with taxidermy animals hung all around the wall. On the left was a small souvenir shop with cool t-shirts and posters but on the right was a thick red curtain. Just entering the first room I felt a weight of pressure on my chest.



Museum Of Death Need To Knows:

  • Admission per person is 15$.

  •  The Museum is a self guided tour.

  •  Lasts about 45 minutes – 1 hour.

  •  No age limit  *Mature audiences are strongly recommended because passing out inside the museum is very common.

  •  Seriously strict on phones/picture taking (Thats why I don’t have any pictures from the inside. Sorry.)

After paying for our tickets we walked into the first room which was an alluring serial killer room. Walking into the small room you could see & hear an in-depth investigation story of several criminals. IMG_2066.JPGThe depth of information in this museum was incredible! As I was reading through the various letters, notes, christmas cards, and art work by these serial killers I was instantly fascinated. The room was defiantly odd but a great way to start the tour.

The next rooms consisted of more death! Not a big surprise but after we then walked into the……..

  • Execution Room

  • Brutal images of Car Crashes hallway

  • Funeral Room

  • Mortician Room

  • Carnage Room

  • Small Hallways full of harsh photographs 

  • Crime Scene Evidence

  • You’ll even find rooms dedicated to famous crimes like Charles Manson, The Black Dahlia & OJ Simpson.

  • Suicide Room

  • Genocide Room

  • Specimen Room (human/animal skeletons & taxidermy 


  • Death Theater (Very graphic videos & scenes of death)




The museum was legit! It covered many different topics from coffin collections to body bags, morticians, war, celebrities, animals and more! The museum gave me a chilling experience the whole way through and even made my stomach turn a bit during the Specimen Room. After leaving the room I started to feel better, nothing major but the museum got to me feeling woozy at the end. I’m not really into all the gory kind of stuff & despite that, I actually enjoyed the museum. My friends and I were all deeply engaged with each exhibit, reading through all the information and discussing interesting aspects we found. This museum is really odd in a good way! That is why you MUST GO! Experience this CraZy TriP!



While walking out and into the souvenir room I had a huge weight come off of me. I honestly felt so great to be living! The Museum Of Death hit me with the weight of reality, making me realize how grateful I am to be alive & how grateful I am to have such wonderful people around me who are also alive! Death is everywhere and there is no way we can avoid it because we all eventually die. 

Death is something we should embrace. 

All the trees, plants, animals and humans are only temporary on this planet but its just the cycle of life. 

We’re born, we live & we die.



Have a great life.


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